Customs basics (English training) – NEW

Get a clear understanding of the general customs concepts and procedures

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Does your business import, export, transit or store goods?

Then you know how logistics and transport work. But do you also understand the importance of customs in this chain? Do you know when customs is involved and what documents you need to be provide? How can you adapt customs formalities to your business and flows?

This walk through the customs landscape will give you an insight into the importance of customs procedures in the logistics chain. You will learn how to apply them correctly, what the main parameters are for preparing the necessary documents and you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What are the tasks of customs?
  • What are the main customs concepts and how do you apply them?
  • Documents versus flow of goods?
  • What is your basic knowledge of origin of goods and provenance?
  • How do you determine the customs value and taxable amount of imported goods?
  • Does an HS-code ring a bell?
  • Have a good understanding of the import-, export- and transit-process.

For whom?

For everyone in the logistics industry involved in the import, export, transit and storage of goods.

Required knowledge

Basic knowledge of logistics flows.