CMR transport document: use, rules and responsibilities – NEW

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Master the essence of road haulage

As the world is becoming increasingly multimodal, road haulage is omnipresent: whether it’s for the fist or last mile, there is a truck or even a cargo bike involved. You will likely be required to sign a CMR transport document or consignment note for the transportation of goods. But how do you interpret such a document? How do you use it? And in which box does specific information belong on the consignment note?

Multiple parties are involved in this proces, such as the shipper and the carrier. But, what about the consignee, subcontractors, freight forwarder, logistic warehouses, and so forth? This training provides a practical, hands-on explanation with real examples regarding the rules and responsibilities of all parties involved.

The course is like a journey:

  • we start with the contract,
  • then move on to shipping instructions, loading procedures, potential issues during transportation, unloading,
  • and finish with the limitation of the carrier’s liability.

Throughout these stages, we will analyze which party is accountable for what, in accordance with to Belgian law, the general conditions for road transport, and the CMR convention.

After this training, you will comprehend the use of the CMR transport document. You will accurately apply rules and responsibilities, ready to operate confidently in the transport industry.

For whom?

Wether you are directly involved in road haulage, function as a carrier, or encouter CMR consignment notes, whether you are new to the transport industry or in need of a refresher, this training is tailored for you!