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Sustainability Reporting (CSRD): workshops

Unlock the power of sustainability reporting to transform your organization

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Dive deeper into the world of sustainability reporting with our Sustainability Reprorting (CSRD) workshops. This advanced course, partly a review and mainly focused on practical application, offers an in-depth understanding of new CSRD legislation, stakeholder and materiality analysis, and defining ambitions for successful implementation. Designed to refine your skills and prepare you for the future of sustainability reporting.

  • Are you looking to become an expert in navigating the complexities of CSRD legislation and sustainability reporting?
  • Do you seek practical skills to identify key themes for future reports with your stakeholders?
  • Are you ready to lead your organization towards ambitious sustainability goals with a structured approach?

Enroll in Sustainability Reporting (CSRD) workshops to gain the most up-to-date and practical knowledge in sustainability reporting. Upon completion of these workshops

  • you will have a comprehensive understanding of CSRD legislation,
  • you will be able to conduct thorough stakeholder and materiality analyses, and
  • you will have defined clear ambitions and an organizational structure for the successful implementation of sustainability reporting within your organization.

Target audience

This course is intended for professionals who already have a basic knowledge of CSRD and sustainability reporting and want to deepen their skills and apply them practically. It is perfect for those involved in the strategic planning and execution of sustainability initiatives within their organization.


Karen Bens